"A Fiction World. Drama"

"A Fiction World. Drama"

by Andra Fakhrian 

When the world belongs to you.......
When life such a magic......
Where you can rule the world.......
To be whatever you want,
Like me,
I want to be a king.
And I will be,
In the life of drama,
Where everyone can pursuit and express their happiness easily by acting.

And see me now!
I once become a Dayak’s Army

Anyway, have you ever known about the history of drama? Commonly, people or the watchers only know about what the Drama is. Actually, while we see deeper, there are so many forms and basics of drama until at the end it’s ready to enjoy.  

long time ago, drama was played by the European. Into several Greek Territories between 270-240 BC, Rome played a Greek drama. From the later years of the republic and by means of the Roman empires (27 BC-476 AD) theater spread west across Europe. Roman theater was more varied, extensive and sophisticated than that of any culture before it.

In the middle ages, drama in the vernacular languages of Europe may have emerged from religious enactments of the liturgy and mostly the story based on the true story.
Basically, the classical drama which played in the past mostly dominated by the true story of tragedy. In the beginning of the 19th century, the modern drama was appeared by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen and the 20th century, German theater practitioner Bertlot Brecht. The works of both playwrights were in their different ways, both modernist and realist, and it is developed up to the present.

Now, we will get to know about the elements and the forms of drama. First things which are really basic as we commonly known in drama was characters and actors. Before the dialogue in a script, the playwright will often include a cast of characters. Typically, each character, both major and minor are listed alongside a brief description of the character's role in the story. 
Then is a plot, a structure to build a story. There is an exposition phase, a rising action, a climax, falling action and the resolution phase. The other basic things are setting, the place where the actor plays the script. They are the things that should be in Drama, though the drama will run well and become a good show.

Many forms of Drama that we can play, such as comedy, history, fiction and so forth which depend on each individual interest.


What a glimpse of drama until it’s ready to enjoy!

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