“KING’s Tale for Good”

“KING’s Tale for Good
By Andra Fakhrian
Bayu's Hand Writing

Wedged in jail, huh?
Surely, first time I felt so,
since then,
All memories in a week finally changed me,
All of sudden, those all were hard to forget,
They needed to keep,

right here,
in blood.

Though, I would never forget them,
as blood kept flow in vein,
till die......

Because someday you just be a memory,
Make the memory to be good one.

Here, I attached those stories;
Precisely, here where all began...........

In day one I reached King,
What did you guys feel?
So so? Great?

I failed to move on from the books I left at home.
Exam’s shadow kept frightening my mind though. Dealing with time, in the couple weeks again, exam would meet me up. Would I be ready?

Well, I tried to calm my self,
 I would be fine, Insha Allah.

I kept walking to the office room; all teachers gave their warm welcomed.
All students started to fill the registration form, letters and assigned them in the beginning. Well, Ms Tuti was the first one I knew at King who announced us strictly for banning to use phone during the program.

Seriously, it just broke my feeling at the moment....

One day without phone?
Of course I would die soon; this’s not for a day fellas, but for a week!

Sure, there would be no more life to me, and I started being unfocused since then.

Then, we all submitted the phones,  
and I said good bye to all my worlds.

Besides, I might to think wisely that why my Dean chose me to become a delegate here, 
thereof I struggled to don’t neglect their trust in me.

Hopefully everything would be fine, as I wish....

Day one.....

Still failed to adapt with the atmosphere......
How about you? 
All seemed stiff to me, because I still could not be concentrate well.
Phone.....phone....phone.... you misssed me right?

Day two....

Felt like 10 years younger.....
Dancing, music, pictures, all of them were great.....

Day three....

Started to love and touched....

Day four, five, six, and seven......

What a beautiful Allah’s planned.

Those all beyond of my expectation,

Teachers and student became my huge family; didn’t you feel we were so close?

Here I tell you what;

When water’s problem challenged us........

Calling’s time perhaps being your best part that you waited for, besides slept and ate....

Out bond, session, Al- Quran recitation, prayer’s time, tours, awarded, ate, or even the farewell.....

Ones of those might be mean something to you. 

All would be missing...
So did I miss it too....

......“Don’t be afraid to speak, force yourself to speak, English. No efforts, no results. Actually, what are you not to be?”.......

See what you got!
The KING’s methods were super!
Even I am being hypnotized by them. 

Teachers and methods were one package became a great guide for you, and I didn’t disappoint at all stepping my feet to this place. How about you?

Dear my KING....
For sure I never found those methods excepted here,
I thanked you.


One day without phone?
Challenge accepted.
Hallo, Ms Tuti, Ms Listi, Ms End, Ms Arsy, Ms Putri, Mr Dede...
Brothers, Alfin, Amiral, Bayu, Muham, Edwin, Zakky, Faiq, Naufal, Ivan, Rafi, Gustavo, Ham, Kevin, Alung, Azmi, and Faros.....

You all are gifts from god to me,
What a beautiful Allah’s planned........

In short time we met, 
felt that I met you guys since a thousand years ago, when you know, you know.....

If in the end.....
In every Allah’s plan could be guess....

Of course my hope was.....

To be maintained my feet, till finally I could meet you earlier than a week before.

Please keep in touch dears,

Hopefully meet in other occation.

With love,
For good,


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  1. Very nice. See you on TOP, Andra and ganks! :D

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  2. Touching and amazing. How great job it is. Let's rock the world, Andra and UQ ganks! :D

    1. I thank you for saying so :)Let's conquer it! you too.....

  3. Once we met for a goodness, forever we will be brothers.

  4. Andra was an outstanding student in the KAMPUNG INGGRIS SEMARANG's English Holiday Fiesta (20-27 Dec 2015). It's a unique intensive English camp.

    To follow his amazing learning experiences, please join the program. Info: (024) 8508202.

    1. Thank you Mr Rohani, It such a good experience met you there, what an eye catching experience when I heard your overseas story and your session for islamic study during the program, they built up my new courage to follow you behind.

  5. It's nice to know you, Andra. Keep learning English. I hope to see you again soon at KAMPUNG INGGRIS SEMARANG. Keep being positive, enthusiastic, energetic, and excellent. GOOD LUCK.

    1. Hello Ms Dewi Nebula. It such a great experience to be a part of KING. Hopefully I will be right back there, thank you....