"Skopje Summer School In Maccedonia 2015 Fully Funded"

"Skopje Summer School In Maccedonia 2015 Fully Funded"

Wanna go to Maccedonia for free?   
From summer school to traveling, let's grab this chance! 
Call for applications

Deadline: 10 July 2015

Eligible applicants: undergraduates, graduates, MA students, MA holders and PhD candidates.

Date and venue: 20-27 July 2015, Skopje
Foundation Center of Islamic Civilization from Skopje is organizing a summer school called Alternative Interpretations of Balkan Modernity which will take place in Skopje, Macedonia on 20-27 July 2015. This program aims to gather students and academics from and outside the Balkans. Days 20-24 July are reserved for lectures and discussions with various topics based on these subjects: nation-state, cosmopolitanism and religion. A tour of Macedonia will be organized on 24-26 July which will consist of visits to the most important cultural and historical monuments. Lectures and discussions will be held in the English language. 

Courses offered:
•    Europe, modernity and rationalism  
•    Modernity, Orientalism and Balkanism
•    Possibilities of cosmopolitanism
•    Consequences of modernity in the Balkans
•    Decolonizing the Future
•    Decolonizing Peace
•    Decolonizing religious interpretations

•    Ziauddin Sardar – United Kingdom
•    Santiago Slabodsky – United States of America
•    Victoria Fontan – France
•    Parvez Manzoor – Sweden
•    Hysamedin Feraj – Albania
•    Enis Sulstarova – Albania
•    Adnan Tekşen – Turkey
•    Abdülhamit Kırmızı – Turkey 

All students who are interested in theoretical discussions on philosophical and social problems of modernity and its consequences in Europe, Balkans and the Middle East are eligible to apply.

School fees, daily meals (lunch and dinner) accommodation and tour in Macedonia are covered. 

Each applicant should complete the application form and send it via email to the Summer School contact’s email address:
Deadline for the submission of applications is 10 July 2015.

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  2. saya sudah apply via email focic@focic.org.mk

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